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Hiking Mount Bisoke should be on your bucket list when visiting Rwanda. Mount Bisoke is one of the volcanoes found within the Virunga ranges of mountains. With a height of 12,175 ft, Mount Bisoke lies within the borders of Rwanda (Volcanoes National Park) and DR Congo (Virunga National Park). The summit and greater part of the mountain is in Rwanda.  Mount Bisoke was formed as a result of a rift that is gradually dividing sections of East Africa. It has two crater lakes – one at the very top and the other (Lake Ngezi) found midway. Its last eruption in 1957 left behind one of the largest Crater Lake within the Virunga mountain ranges.

Mount Bisoke is home to mountain gorillas. These primates are by large Rwanda’s most valuable tourist attraction. The rich bamboo forests and other vegetation surrounding the mountain provide ideal shelter and food for Mountain gorillas.


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