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Opporture safaris

We are a team of adventure enthusiasts who love everything about Rwanda

Since 2015, we have travelled it back and forth, making sure that all of its best destinations are included into our tours.

Most of our team members are staying here twelve months a year, deepening our knowledge of the country and making our adventure itineraries better. At all times we are keeping abreast the local developments in tourism, making sure that our team is the first to know about the openings of the new travel spots or the adoption of new regulations in the national parks. We love to keep a finger on the pulse of Rwanda travel trends, and offer the newest and the rawest impressions to our visitors.

Our only office is located in Kigal . Our local presence is exactly what makes it possible for Opportune Safaris to give accurate, competent and up-to-date travel advice to our clients and to ensure the highest comfort and safety standards in our expeditions. We are not a travel agency that simply resells travel packages – we are a fully licensed tour operator, which actually organizes and runs its own trips.

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